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0716 Michael Brandwein
Michael Brandwein
Date of Birth: 07/16/1953

This party is hosted by:
Donna Reiter Brandwein

The Virtual Birthday Party for Michael Brandwein

Welcome to our surprise virtual birthday party to celebrate Michael’s 65th birthday this July 16th. Please feel free to send any messages between now and his actual birthday because it will be held, kept secret and finally revealed on his actual birth date.
Thank you for helping us celebrate Michael’s special day and for keeping the secret!!!

Join "the virtual birthday party" by leaving your special birthday message for Michael Brandwein. Please note that all guests can see all messages.

39 commentsBirthday Messages

From: Ellen and Jeff
Wishing you a joyous birthday with your loving family, Michael! Have fun in the next 65!
From: Eve Dicker Eiseman
Dear dear Michael, I want to take this moment to wish you a very happy 65th birthday. Not…
From: Chuck Price
Dear Michael-- there have been three people in my life with whom I have been strongly motivated to stay in…
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