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1129 Ethan Li
Ethan Li
Date of Birth: 11/29/2005

This party is hosted by:
Jeanne Farley

The Virtual Birthday Party for Ethan Li

Hi! I’m hosting a virtual party for Ethan’s 13th birthday in 2 weeks. Please leave Ethan messages and pictures!

Join "the virtual birthday party" by leaving your special birthday message for Ethan Li. Please note that all guests can see all messages.

43 commentsBirthday Messages

From: Sheri Burk
Ethan, Have a wonderful birthday ! I went to school with your mom & you’re one…
From: Cousin Joan (Sarah & Leigh)
Hey Sam have a great birthday. I’m hoping for nothing but wonderful news and I hope your day creates a…
From: Cousin Joan (Sarah & Leigh)
I guess will try that one more time Ethan. My spellchecker changed your name! Of…
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