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0502 Mike Carlson
Mike Carlson
Date of Birth: 05/02/1968

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The Virtual Birthday Party for Mike Carlson

Hello Friends & Family,

Welcome to my virtual birthday party. I am excited to report that I’ll be traveling once again to Africa on my birthday. I am looking for several more people to join me on my trip. Interested? My plans (which are flexible) are to spend time in Nairobi, Kenya, then travel to Rwanda to trek silverback gorillas, then to Maasai Mara for a safari.

This is, without a doubt, a trip of a lifetime. If you have interest in joining me, please let me know in your birthday message.┬áIf you cannot make it to Africa, please leave me your birthday messages here at my virtual birthday party site. Please include your interest in Africa, your best travel tips, tips on how not to get eaten by a lion, best birthday cocktail recipes, and any other “must have” (from your perspective) information or advice. Here’s the the best birthday ever!

Thank you for participating in my virtual birthday party!

Love always,

Join "the virtual birthday party" by leaving your special birthday message for Mike Carlson. Please note that all guests can see all messages.

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From: sample
I'm in! I'd love to go to Africa with you. I'm looking forward to toasting your birthday over …
From: sample
Oh Mike, you know Africa is waaaay up on my list. But this year I'll be celebrating your birthday …
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