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About The Virtual Birthday Party, Inc.

The Virtual Birthday Party, Inc. is a privately held company based in the United States. It was created in response to a need – a virtual gathering place for people to celebrate a birthday.

The Virtual Birthday is the perfect solution to the need for a “virtual gathering place” for family and friends to celebrate a special person’s birthday. As host, you choose from several birthday templates, and create a dedicated birthday website for a special person. If you are the special person, you can create your own birthday website, and invite family and friends to visit. Guests are encouraged to leave special birthday messages as directed by the Host. And, the messages can be saved and printed as a keepsake.

The Virtual Birthday Party dedicated website is, in itself, a great birthday gift!

It’s a great idea, at a reasonable price, with minimal effort to set up. Friends and family don’t need to “sign-up” to leave their messages, making it easy and fast for everyone. And privacy is of utmost importance. We will never share your information with anyone. (Privacy Policy)

The owners of The Virtual Birthday Party are community-minded people. We believe that if every corporate entity shared a portion of its profits with community based organizations, we would have stronger, more vibrant communities.

The Virtual Birthday Party, Inc. appreciates your visit to our site. We hope you’ll host a friend or loved one’s celebration soon – at The Virtual Birthday Party!

For more information, please contact us at