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What We Do:

The Virtual Birthday is a virtual destination where you host an upcoming birthday party for yourself, friend or loved one anywhere in the world. The Virtual Birthday Party is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday – bringing people together to party (virtually)!

Create a personalized birthday party website for someone special, inviting friends and family to join The Virtual Birthday Party by leaving special birthday messages. The birthday-person may view their birthday messages anytime – and even print the messages as a special birthday keepsake.

What You Do:

What are the benefits?

  • The perfect birthday gift
  • Convenient & simple to use
  • Personalized virtual gathering place for family & friends
  • No cost (ever!) for family & friends to leave birthday messages
  • A printable “birthday card” with everyone’s birthday messages as a keepsake

What It Costs:

Each Virtual Birthday Party site is $49. Contacts us at for special price consideration.