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The Virtual Birthday Party Press Releases:

The Person Who Has Everything Hasn’t Had A Virtual Birthday Party

Are You or Someone You Know Turning 65 Years Old?



I Loved It!

I thought having a “virtual birthday party” for my sister would be a great way to celebrate!  I had no idea I would receive the kind of response I did from her as well as those who sent birthday greetings through the site.  She is one of those people who shows her love to so many. Sometimes the typical birthday gifts seem inadequate for someone so special.  So, this was a great way for others to give back to her!   After she read through the messages on the website created just for her, she emailed me the following:  “This was a great surprise and so wonderful! It made me so happy I cried. Thank you so much!”  I was so happy that I was able to honor her in this way!  Thank you VBP!

Wynne Angell, Phoenix, AZ