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1223 Leila Bogan
Leila Bogan
Date of Birth: 12/23/1928

This party is hosted by:
Eric Bogan

The Virtual Birthday Party for Leila Bogan

Welcome! Sheila and I wanted to do something special for Mom’s 90th birthday – December 23. With friends and family scattered across the country, The Virtual Birthday Party seemed like the perfect way to gather everyone in one place to celebrate this significant milestone.

You can attend The Virtual Birthday Party by leaving special messages for Mom. Just click on the “Leave A Message” button below. (Please keep in mind that all party guests can see all messages.) If you have any questions and/or photos to be uploaded, click on “Email Party Host” on the left. And feel free to forward a link to this page to others.

When the December 23 virtual party is over, we will print Mom’s “birthday card” with every one’s birthday greetings as a keepsake.

By the way, we are trying to keep this a secret till December 23, so mum’s the word.

Thank you for participating in Leila’s Virtual Birthday Party and for being an important part of her life.

Rick and Sheila

Join "the virtual birthday party" by leaving your special birthday message for Leila Bogan. Please note that all guests can see all messages.

39 commentsBirthday Messages

From: Booboo
Mom, this worked so well on your 85th we thought we would try it again. Hoping your…
From: Ronna Hellman
Dear Leila, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! May you be surrounded…
From: barrie drezner
Dear Leila,j WOW!!!!! 90 years ! Unbelievable...and I seem…
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